What is Fans On Strike
We're hockey fans, like you, who want to show players and owners who's in charge.

Why Do This?
It's our game. We support our teams no matter what, and they know it. Players and owners are arguing over our money right in front of us. They know when they decide to play, that we'll all come running back. And they're right. We will. Because we love our teams. This movement is to show the players and owners that we're in charge. By withholding your money when you attend a game, you'll hit them where it counts - in the pocketbook.

What Do I Do?
When the NHL gets back to playing hockey - go to the next home game and wear the shirt. While wearing the shirt at the hockey game:
  1. Do not buy merchandise or souvenirs.
  2. Do not buy a game program
  3. Do not buy ANY food or drinks (yes, even beer!)

It may not seem like much - but if 100,000 of us stand together and whithhold $100 each - they'll take note.

Wear the Shirt to the first hockey game you attend.